Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Buddha Kitty Glass has a new set of fused glass classes for the Fall:


All skill levels
Instructor: Steena Fullmer Anderson
How cool would it be to make your own fused glass suncatcher or a gift for a friend or family member? Learn the glass fusing process from initial design to finished product, including cutting, shaping and firing glass. Experience various kilnforming techniques while creating your own works of art. (Meets in W-7, Rm.716) 

Fall Quarter (7 weeks)
Weds Sept 20 (3:00 pm-5:00 pm) Grade 8-11
Tuition: $195
Materials: $85 added at time of registration.

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All skill levels, Young Adults and Adults
Instructor: Steena Fullmer Anderson
Create artworks from layering glass then firing in a kiln to a full, tack or slump fuse. Beginning/Intermediate classes are great for students who have no previous glass experience or want a refresher on basic skills. Learn the art of kilnforming glass including basic principles of compatibility, scoring, cutting, fusing, shaping and coldworking. We will use sheet glass, frit, stringers and dichroic glass, while learning how to use glass tools. Students will learn design concepts and how to choose which glass technique will best accomplish their goal. Focus will be on process and exploring all the possibilities that can be achieved with glass. 

Fall Quarter (7 weeks)
Fri Sept 22 (10am-12:30pm) Tuition: $225
Materials: $130, added at time of registration.

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